It's Rue's death in Rue's POV.

"Katniss!" I scream, desperate for help, "KATNISS!"

"Rue! Rue!" I hear, not to far away, and suddenly, Katniss appears. "Rue!" Katniss begins cutting me out of the net that stuck in.

After a bit of cutting, I'm out of the net. But, the boy from District 1, is standing in front of us, weilding a spear. He throws it, it misses Katniss, but, it hits me in the stomach. I don't cry in pain, or keel over. I just stand. Katniss shoots an arrow into the District 1 boys throat. He pulls it out, and, begins drowning in his own blood. BOOM! his cannon sounds.

Katniss turns around. I fall to the ground, and the pain begins to creep in. I begin to cry, it hurts so much!

"Rue, are you okay?" Katniss is on the verge of crying, "Rue, don't die, don't leave." Katniss is crying now. "You have to win now. You have to." I say. "I will Rue." We just stay there for a minute. "Sing." I whisper. Katniss sings a song. It's a very beautiful song. "Here is the place where I love you..." I hear. BOOM! goes the cannon. I close my eyes forever.