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Let Light Open The Shadows

Prologue Edit

"Kill me now," I whisper. Another shot purges in my arm. I feel light headed and dizzy as they decide to get me some medicine. A small flask is filled and I take a sip the bitter taste making my lips pucker. I just lay down and act like nothing happened. Ten shots have already made it into my arms, legs, ears, and nose. I just came down here from school, let alone to know I was going to feel so much pain.

"Now, just put her in a coma," The doctors whisper.

"What?" I yell. "A coma?"

"Of course! You came here for The Killer Plan didn't you?"

"The Killer plan?" I ask. In response, another shot making my eyes get droopy and a crushing headache.

"The Killer Plan, is a plan for specific people like you! You get amazing talents and a wonderful new identity!" The doctors exclaim.

"But what do I do?" I ask.

"Kill," The doctor mumbles. Kill? Kill!? Why?! I don't want to kill! I yell and kick and frail my way out. "Stupid girl, she doesn't...." Another shot pores into my skin making my whole world turn into an eternal night until I wake up again.

Chapter 1 Edit

"This is me?" I ask, touching all of my features.

"Yeah, you got ran over by a car, can't remember a thing!" The doctors exclaim.

"What's my name?" I ask.

"Emerald. Emerald Greene." The doctors reply. It doesn't sound right. I don't get it. I am supposed to be happy for them to tell me, but it seems that they are lying.

"I was in a coma," I whisper. The doctors nod their heads. Something doesn't feel right. It's me right? I don't feel like it. The doctors give me some medicine and I taste it and it changes strangely familiar.

"You need surgery," the doctors whisper. My eyes widen.

"What's wrong now?" I ask.

"Your arms they need to be laced up." The doctors reply.

"But, why? They are fine!" I protest.

"Blood poisoning, we have to fix it." The doctors reply. They pull me up on the gurney and take me to the ER. Wait, how do I know these things? I had a major concussion! This doesn't make any sense. I sigh as they give me painful shots and more medicine.

"Kill me now," I whisper. My eyes widen as my mouth locks into the beginning of the sentence. The doctors angrily push me down and give me a last shot the last thing I see is the lightning out of my window.

Chapter 2 Edit

"Wow, great, thanks," I mummer sarcastically. My attitude made the car swerve in the first place. We just moved here, from New York. My black hair waves back and forth as I look and I see the shocking sight of a knife.