"Say it!" Reana rasps. I feel dizzy as her nails pierce into my flesh. I sigh as her thoughts are all bubbling around grasping my heart. "I promise," I sigh. She just wants me to promise that I won't tell her telekinesis. Whatever. Her combat boots tap the floor as Josh props up his head from his lunch and says "So, how about me?" We laugh for he just is funny, which is more than we can ever need. Zania pulls in and giggles, smashing an apple with her hand and asks if we have a spoon. Her pink skirt flows down to her ankles, while her freckles curve up in a smile formation. They all are nice, while Star comes through us and Reana pulls her boot out just enough to make her fall. She then takes her cupcake and eats it, laughing her head off. Star half smiles half scowls and walks to her table knowing she is pretty scared. Zania shyly pulls out a sandwich with her peach nails, and sighs. She wish she could be outside, where she can make any plant grow. Ian crawls over and laughs with Josh, knowing it was a joke about Star, a pretty good one too. Reana pulls out her book about something about Mythology and sighs. "We have to return our books." We all pull out our books, mine about poetry, Josh's about history, Zania with her usual folklore. We put our plates up and head over to the library, with me knowing Star and her friends are behind us.

We walk in the smell of new and old books, leather and apples. Ian says hi to Amalay, the girl that loves manga as much as he does. "So what's up?" She laughs. She takes the library cart and pulls it around. "Nothing," I sigh. Reana straightens the books without even touching them and puts our books on the desk. This secret she reveals herself. Zania heads straight to the Stuffed Animal Bunny and brings it to life, laughing and playing with it. But while playing I see the rabbit knocking down a book and opening a stairwell. "Whoa," Ian says focused on the stairwell. Zania screams in joy. Star comes up behind us and laughs. "Let's go down." Harley her best friend laughs with her like it is the funniest, silliest thing they ever saw. "Go down Georgia, would you?" She yells. Amalay goes ahead and goes.