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Chapter 1 –Edit

I turn over to my side, my bed is cold. There is no – one there. The space is usually filled by my little sister, Perdere. She was only 8, though every morning she would come into my bed at exactly 5:30 to wake me up for training. Though today was the Reaping, the one day she didn’t wake me up. She was always too scared, frightened. I peered over to my clock. 5:49, I rolled over and then pulled myself out of bed. I pulled on my training shirt, which was already a little too tight for me, Though it showed of my muscular shape. I tip toe over to the next room, where my sister is lying. She is holding tight onto her teddy, I go over to kiss her on the head. I see her make a smile, so I smile back at her tucking her bed sheets back into the wooden structure. I walk down the oak stairs then grab an apple, I bite into it and then open the door. I see Clove, sitting down on my bench, waiting for me. She pulls herself towards me and I hug her, not wanting to let go.

“What took you so long?” She queries.

“Clove, It’s the reaping. And you know what Per gets like,” I raise my eyebrow.

“Fine, I forgot anyway. Looking forward to training?”

I see her smiling. I was looking forward to training, I hadn’t been there for a week and me and Clove were the only people from our group that went to school, so the only time we met them was at the training sessions, every other day. Though, I had been ill, suffering from a bug that was commonly found in 2. I bite on another chunk of apple and then pass the rest to Clove. She smiles, and I smile back. We start walking for around 15 minutes. The Centre is fairly near to us and seeing as Clove lives only a few houses away from me we always walk there together. On the way we talk about the reaping, about whether or not to volunteer.

“I don’t want to go” Clove cries, clinging on to me

I pull her back rubbing the tears away from her eyes.

“But you’re stronger than they are. You’ve been training for 10 years Clove, if you get picked. I know you’ll win.”

She smiles and then continues walking along by the side of me. When we reach the training centre I poke open the door and then whisper into her ear.

“ I love you.”

The words don’t seem to match my feelings. I want to kiss her on the lips, though it doesn’t seem right. She is like my sister, she is like. No, she is my best friend, even saying I love you didn’t seem to make sense. But I said it, and I was too late to stop myself from doing it...

Chapter 1 SummaryEdit

It is the day of the reaping. Cato goes for his final day of training in the term with Clove, then on their journey Cato unexpectedly admits his love for Clove.

Chapter 2 -Edit

I step inside to the training centre; as soon as I get inside I’m greeted by the roars of weapons clashing to dummies, Bodies being hurdled and people screaming. I’m used to this sound, so somehow it makes me feel safe. And welcome. I walk down a hall, it is filled with pictures of past tributes, and then at the very end are the pictures of our victors. There are several victors, though only 5 state to be alive. Enobaria, Lyme, Brutus, Amzir and another girl, the name is barely visible from all the dust layered on top of it, though it seems to say perdere, the same name as my sister. I smile, hoping one day that that will be her. On the wall of fame, alongside these of remarkable people, who sacrificed their life to make their district proud. As I walk along the long corridor I reach the end. There is a tall brown door which is also quite wide. This is where the training is. This is where children as young as 4 begin fighting. Fighting for what? Fighting for a place in “The Hunger Games”

I pull back the door, normally when I open the door a crowd of people come over to me. Lifting me up in praise, though today everyone is too busy preparing for the games, that no – one even notices I’ve walked in. I slam the door with a loud thud. Hoping the noise will attract some faces, though only 1 person turns and it’s Clove, who is standing beside me, barely breathing. I start to feel a rage inside of me, I’m used to the centre of attention, though this is the one day I don’t get it. I more over to the swords stations, thinking it will be better to master one skill then be ok at a few. I pick up a sword, it has the word “Cato” written on it in scruffy writing. I smile and then start slashing the dummies and thrusting them into their chests. I see Clove over at the station next to me, Knife throwing of course. I smile.

She never misses.

Chapter 2 SummaryEdit

Cato takes a walk down the district 2 tribute wall of fame and sees that one of the Victors had the same name as his younger sister, Perdere. Cato is training at his local training school with Clove watching her every move, wanting to never let her out of sight.

Chapter 3 -Edit

She picks up several knifes and throws them all. They all lie straight in the middle of the dummy.

“Bulls-eye” I whisper, though loud enough for her to notice.

I see Clove smiling at me, with a smirk on her face. She peers over her shoulder to try and make out what I’m doing, She knows where I am. Because I never move from this space and no – one dares to go near me.

Hmm... Let me guess. Swords?”

She giggled, with a sly look on her face. I smile. She always used to say this to me, right from the day I first met her. She was learning to throw knives and could barely hit the target. She was minute in size, barely reaching 1.2 meters and probally not even reaching 15 kg on scales. Though now she was a lot stronger, she was more “well built” then everyone else in her age group, she probally weighed around 50 kg, though most of that was muscle. Though I was always the main attraction. Being almost 6”1 and weighing around 70 kg at least. Though again, I was all muscles.

“How did you guess?”

I laugh hoping she will laugh back. Though she doesn’t, she just stands there and sighs. I can see her fighting back the tears, not wanting to cry in front of everyone. After all, Clove was known as deadly, fearless. Heartless. Though all she was, was a little girl wanting to break free. To be released from this hell. But she knew it would never happen.

“Don’t volunteer.”

I hear her whisper into my ears as I pull her close to my chest. I close my eyes and stroke her hair.


I pull her back from me and hold onto her arms.

“I’ve been training for this my whole life. I have too, you know what my dad will get like if I don’t.”

She lets out a little smile. Her dad is exactly the same. If we don’t get at least 90 % on training, we will get seriously in trouble. And that’s the same with volunteering. If we don’t volunteer, he calls us stupid and tells us that we don’t deserve to be in district 2.

“Yeah. I suppose you’re right.” Clove smiles, she nods and then goes back to knife throwing. I get bored of swords, after all, all I ever do is sword throwing and as I like to call it “Slashing” I move over to spear throwing where I see a little girl. She is only about 9 and already an expert with them. I smile at her and she smiles back, her face is so young and her actions so immature, It seems barely impossible to see her fighting to the death. Though I always thought that with Clove, but now, I can see it as clear as day. I find out that the young girls name is Combe, It’s her first day here and being the reaping day she hasn’t had the warmest of welcomes.

“Hey, I’m Cato,” I smile giving her my hand to shake, she refuses and just smiles.

“I’m Combe, looking forward to the reaping?” She asks, with a slight smirk on her face.

“I guess so.”

“You’re Cato right?”


I smile at her, she reminds me a lot of Clove, her sense of humour was just like hers, sadistic. Though the only thing they didn’t have in common was that.

One of them wasn’t trying to kill me.

Chapter 3 SummaryEdit

Cato and Clove discuss volunteering at the reaping whilst Cato meets a new trainee called Combe, a small 9 - year - old girl who has unexpectdly tried to kill Cato.

Chapter 4 -Edit

Combe stood there with a spear in her hand, she was trying to stab me with it. Why I don’t know. Some trainers came over and pulled her away from me, she was trying to pull away from them but she wasn’t strong enough.

“Get off me! I’ll kill you Cato!”

I had only known her for less than an hour, then all of a sudden. She wanted me dead. Combe is being pulled away by the trainers now, with her legs dragging out along on the floor. I wonder why she wanted me dead, I can’t think though, being nearly stabbed to death by a 9 – year – old freak. I slump down on a bench, putting my head in my hands. Clove notices me and then walks over and sits next to me.

“Are you ok?” Clove queries, pulling my hands back from my head. I lift my head up and then glance over to her, not looking into her eyes.

“What do you think?”

“I just wanted to know,”

“Well. Just leave me alone?”


“Just leave me alone!”

I shout at her, everyone in the centre looks over at me shocked. Clove stands up beside me.

“I’m going!”

“No, Clove don’t !”

She walks over to the door opening it fully. I follow her, though I’m too late. She’s already slammed the door out into me. I walk out looking down the corridors, but Clove is nowhere to be seen. I sigh, what have I done? Clove hates me, my family hates me and it’s the reaping in less than an hour. I walk down the “Wall Of Fame” ignoring all the tributes looking down on me. I open another door, it leads outside to a field of grass and a bench located right in the centre and there she is. Waiting for me, I sprint over to the bench. And pull my arms around her to hug her, but she refuses.

“I’m sorry Clove, the way I acted,”


“Look, I didn’t mean to be mean to you or anything. It’s my fault.”

“I know.”

What does she mean it’s my fault? Of course it’s not my fault. I sigh, she’s right. It is my fault after all

“I’m really sorry. Can I be forgiven?”

I see her sigh and take a deep breath,

“Cato, I’ve known you since I don’t know. You were 6? And, I’ve always loved you. And now, well. It’s the reaping and I have to volunteer and if I don’t? My father will kill me anyway. Look, I mean it.”

Then those dreaded words come out of her mouth,

“I love you. I mean it, I really love you.”

She starts crying and I pull her to my chest. I tell her soothing words to calm her down, though I can still feel her cold salty tears dripping down on her cheeks onto my skin. I pull back a strand of her hair and place it behind her ears,

“I love you too.” I whisper, I know she’s smiling and for once in my life.

I am too.

Chapter 4 SummaryEdit

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Chapter 5 -Edit

Clove looks up to me. I can see the stain of tears on her cheeks , I lean in to kiss her. Our lips touch, I can feel them on my lips. They are soft and warm they aren’t dry and cracked like mine. But, Instead they are well looked after. We kiss, it’s our first time kissing each other, I’d never kissed her before as It felt too weird and too awkward. But now, It seemed the perfect time to kiss her. The kiss lasted for what seemed hours, though we get interrupted half way through by a loud disturbing, ear piercing noise. She pulls away from me and sighs.

“The reaping bell,”

She cries, I look at my watch. She’s right, It’s the reaping. And if we are late, we are in big trouble. I haven’t got my clothes on, though I have about half an hour. I run hand in hand with Clove to the door and then to the outside, we run to our houses and I drop Clove off, kissing her gently on the cheeks .Smiling, I jog back to my house. I open my front door and make my way up the stairs to my room. My mum has laid down a shirt and trousers, I take off my training top and trousers and then replace it with my faded cream shirt and my trousers are a dark blue, you could call it Navy. I button up my shirt and then run over to my parents and Perderes’ room, I smile expecting a hug from her, though all I’m greeted by is a note, crumbled up, written on previously used paper.

“Dear Cato, We have gone to the reaping without you. Though I’m sure we will see you back at home. Love from mum, dad and Per.”

I read the note, placing my fingers on the words. The inks blurred from my finger and now It is barely visible. I scrunch it up and put it in my trouser pocket, I walk out the door and then close it tight, locking it afterwards. I jog down the stairs, not bothering to hold on to the rail. I look into a mirror in my kitchen and comb back my hair. It looks quite messy, though I haven’t got the time to mess about with my looks. I step outside and see children and their parents piled up in rows of 2 along the streets. I run over to the square, trying to catch a glimpse of Clove, though she is nowhere to be found. I stand in queue to get my finger pricked,

“Cato Hayes, 16 y/o”

My finger bleeds so I wipe the blood on the cloth. The woman at the stand gives me a stern look. I walk away and then stop, trying to see if I can spot Clove in the queue, but again she is nowhere to be seen. I go over to all the other 16 year old boys and stand alongside a boy with long brown curls. I look over to the 15 – year – old girls and then in a distance I see Clove. I smile at her, though she looks worried. I mouth the words “Are yo ok?” and I see her with a slight smile on her face, she replies with a yes, but I know she’s not ok. Then, I hear a tap of a microphone. I look up to the justice building and there I see Brutus, Lyme, Amzir, Enobaria and Perdere sat down on chairs, guarded by peace keepers.

“Welcome Welcome! To the 74th Annual Hunger Games! And, may the odds be ever in your favour!”

Our escort, Althea Lapworth beams with joy. Her hair is a bright green, It is tied up in a bee hive hair -do and matches perfectly with her jade eyeliner and lips, she is wearing a emerald green dress with a blazer attached to it.

“Now, we are going to show you a lovely video all the way from the Capitol!”

She smiles and as the video plays on I turn over to look at Clove, though her eyes are glued on to the television screens all around us. The video finishes and Althea claps her hands.

“Now, time to choose one young man and woman to compete in this year’s hunger games!”

“Ladies First.”

She goes over to the bowl filled to the brim with slips, all including young girls names. I try to remember how many times Clove’s name was in there.


I mutter under my breath. This isn’t because she was poor, but because her father forced her to put names in. I watch Althea as she twirls her hand in the bowl. She lifts out a name and opens it up. Please don’t be Clove, Please don’t be Clove.

“Clove Harriot!”

Chapter 6 -Edit

I quickly turn so I am facing Clove, she is stood there. All the other girls make way for her and then she walks through the crowd to the front. Not making a sound.

“Come on dear. Don’t be afraid.”

I watch every step, then I see her projected on the screens around me. She walks up the steps to the justice building and looks into the crowd, afraid and scared. Althea claps her hands and asks for volunteers. But no one dares to speak. I can hear her dad clapping, though no one else is. I look up to her, she catches my eye. I think she is going to start crying, though all she does is smile.

“Now, for the boys!”

She does the same action as she did with the girls. A name is called, though I can barely hear her. I look over to the boy, he is 18 years old, strong and looks like he could take anyone down in a split second. No, I can’t let this happen, Clove Is my friend. No, she is more than my friend and I have to protect her.

“I Volunteer as tribute!”

I shout, stepping out into the path way. The boy looks at me, with an angry face. I mouth the words sorry, though he just ignores me. I walk up the steps ,all is silent and the only sound is from the crowd of children who are muttering words under their breath.

“And who do we have here?”

“Cato Hayes.” I mumble

“Pardon darling?”

“I said Cato Hayes!”

I shout at her. Everyone looks stunned, I close my mouth and then whisper sorry. I look at Clove who looks at me, shocked at what I did. I knew what she was thinking.

Did he want to kill me?

Did he want to protect me?

Yes. I volunteered to protect her, if she dies, I die with her. I smile at her to reassure her that she is safe. Though all she does is smile slightly.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Are 2 tributes. Clove Harriot and Cato Hayes!”

A few people in the crowd clap and so do all the past victors. I look over at them, thinking who will be my mentor. I remember, Brutus for the boys and Enobaria for the girls. I was quite happy, as Brutus was a pretty skilled mentor. Having so many years of experience, I always wandered why the others rejected, though it was probally because of what they did to their families, which caused them to rebel which against the Capitol. As you can tell, It didn’t end well.

I get carried into the justice building by the peace keepers with Clove at my side. I offer my hand, but she rejects. I get thrown into a room. It was empty, apart from a long red sofa and a table with mug stains all on it. The walls are a faded red and the carpet was newly replaced, and it was a pale blue.

Chapter 7 -Edit

I sit down on the sofa burying my head in my hands. I wipe the sweat off my forehead with my cuffs. Then the door slams open. I see my parents and Per standing in the doorway. Per runs up to me and I lift her in the air and nuzzle her nose. I can see her smiling, though she begins crying.

“Per, It’s going to be ok.”

I stroke her hair as she sucks her thumb. She pulls it out and kisses me on the lips.

“But Cato, I don’t want you to go!”

She starts crying again though I wipe her tears. I grab both of her hands and put them together. I squeeze them both tightly.

“No Per. I’ll be back. I promise.”

“Pinkie promise?”

She questions pulling out her chubby pinkie. I smile and link my pinkie with hers.

“Pinkie Promise.”

I smile and hug her tightly. Not wanting to let her go. She pulls out a little bracelet from her. It is one that I made her when I was only about 10. It is made out of woven grass and has been stuck together by a diamond. She places it in my hand and closes my fingers around it.

“It’s for you. It brings good luck.”

She smiles and hugs me again. I put on my bracelet and it fits tightly around my wrist. The peace keepers come in and tell them to leave. I ask for one more minute and they nod. I move over to my parents, who look worried though also proud.

“We believe in you Cato.”

“I know.”

“Come back, we can’t live without you.”

“Yes you can. If I don’t come back, you have to look after Per.”

“We will look after her.”

“No. You have to promise.”

I hug my parents and then the peace keepers take away my family. I wait for more people though no- one comes. Then I see a familiar face. Combe.

“What are you doing here?”

I query, standing up leaning against the arms of the sofa. I watch Combe as she slams the door. She stands crossed arm, although she is small, she definitely looks deadly. She comes over to hug me.

“I’m sorry.”

shee cries, she then pulls out an object from her skirt pocket. It’s a knife. She pulls it up against my throat.

“It’s your fault!”

I hear her scream. I try to calm her down, but I know, one wrong move and I’m dead. What does she mean it’s my fault? And then I realise, I killed her father. Ok, I didn’t mean to but I had to.

“I’m sorry! Just please get off me!”

I pull her off me, I want to tell her the whole story but I haven’t got time, the peace keepers come in and see her. They drag her out of the room like in the training centre and she starts screaming. I lie back onto the sofa and start crying.

I want to see Clove.

I don’t want to be here.

Chapter 8 -Edit

Chapter 8 –

I pull myself up and wipe my tears with the cuff of my shirt. I stand up. This is it, I’m going to protect Clove, I don’t care who I kill, Clove is not staying in that arena. She’s coming back home here, I’d rather her live then me. I’m stronger than the rest of the tributes, I know. I’ve been training for the whole of my life and only 3 other people in the arena have, I’m going to be safe. No. Clove is going to be safe. I look at the wall trying to imagine home when suddenly Althea slams open the door and runs towards me. She totters forth, hands by her side walking like she was constipated. I let out a laugh and she gives me a stern look.

“Right, well now it’s time to go on the train to the Capitol!”

She purses her lips and walks off. I roll my eyes and follow after her, slumping slightly as I walk. I roll my eyes at her.

“Stupid Capitol People,” I mutter, I see Althea turn around staring at me with her piercing eyes. She doesn’t look as nice when she stares, you can see her wrinkles and her frown lines. Wow, she definitely has a lot under all of that foundation and make up.

“Look Cato. You better be nice, we Capitol residents could save your life.” She’s right. If I make them hate me that means no sponsors. But then again, I don’t have to get people to like me when I can easily kill. I walk out of the door and slam it behind me, I jog down the stairs. Then, I see Clove. I rush over to her and pull her up, I squeeze her tight. I kiss her on her head and pull her away grabbing onto her hands.

“Clove. You’re going to be ok, I’ll see you on the train.” I smile and she smiles back. We get pulled out into a crowd of paparazzi, people, mostly capitol residents tug onto our arms trying to get a glimpse of us or even a picture. I ignore them all then squeeze onto the train. There, I see my mentor, Brutus sitting on a settee, he smiles and tells me to take a seat. I sit down next to him and he smirks with a glint in his eye.

“So, lets talk tactics.” He smiles and laughs then rubs his hands together, excited about this. He looks me in the eyes, he can tell. That district 2 is going to have another victor this year.

Chapter 9 -Edit

I look back at Brutus smiling, even though he is fairly old. Like Althea, his frown lines and wrinkles are covered by make up and the surgery he had had done to him. He could barely give out any expressions due to all his surgery. I get lost in the moment. Clove sits down next to Enobaria who is also chatting to her, Clove is so beautiful. I never realised until I saw her as close up as this. Her eyes are actually a dark brown and her dark brown hair has lighter shades in it too. She looks over to me and I smile at her, she smiles back.

"Did you hear that?"

Brutus questions. I nod my head, being caught up by Cloves' looks. I try to look away from her to stop being distracted. I listen to Brutus, he goes on about to kill as many tributes as I can and stick with the careers and ask some other tributes to join if they are strong in a paticular skill. I smile at him and continue nodding at him, not really listening to what he has to say.

"Ok. Now, You can spend some time with Clove. Ok?"

Brutus smiles at me and tilts his head to Clove. I nod at him, thanking him and then I sit by Clove in the place Enobaria was. She squeezes me tight, I squeeze her back not wanting to let go. I can feel some tears strolling down her cheeks. Not again. I sigh, knowing she can't be like this in the arena. She looks up to me, her dark brown eyes are filled with tears about to drip. She squints and then closes her eyes for a few seconds, making all the tears disappear. She wipes her eyes with the skirt of the dress and looks up at me smiling. She goes forward to hug me, the hug lasts for a few seconds until she kisses me on the cheek with her warm lips.

"I'm going to get a drink and some food. You coming?" Clove questions smiling at me. I nod and pull myself up from the chair. I take a seat by a big wooden oak dining set. There are 5 chairs, 2 for tributes and the rest for the mentors and escort. I sit down opposite Clove, who has got a pastrie filled with orange and purple goo. She smiles as she eats it and goes back for seconds. She passes me one but I refuse. Not wanting to eat any of this Capitol crap right now.

"It's really good!" She smiles, scoffing the pastrie until her mouth. She gulps it down and passes me the pastrie. I roll my eyes and take a bit off and put it in my mouth. Mmm.. She's right, It really is delicous, It tastes like a mixture of fruits. Oranges, Peaches, Blueberries and Raspberries, though it's probally one of the Capitols' weird fruits, or maybe one that comes from 11. I continue eating it and then lick my fingers and lick my mouth. I get a napkin and clean my mouth with it, hoping not to look like an idiot in front of Clove.

"Well I'm going to just take a little nap on the sofa." I say, letting go of Clove's soft hands. I get the napkin and throw it in the bin. I slump down on the sofa and close my eyes. A nightmare haunts me. It's about the Hunger Games, Clove is with me and then this tribute kills her. The image feels so real I'm not surprised if I'm screaming her name in my sleep. I wake up what seems to be hours later.

"Are you ok? We're at the Capitol." Clove looks at me and laughs, she holds onto my hands. She's alright.

She's not going to die.


Chapter 10 -Edit

I look up and smile, I can see Clove and she is smiling back at me. I list myself up from the sofa, I rub my eyes and stretch them. I let out a small yawn and Clove laughs at me.

"You better get some sleep." She laughs and then walks off to her room. I follow her and see a room with a sign saying "DISTRICT 2 - MALE" I pull the door open and I'm startled by a young woman who is standing in front of me. I smile at her and she just nods and points to my bed. She must be an avox; She has her hair up in a neat bun which is tied up by a plain red headband. She is wearing a long red dress with some red ballet pumps. She lays a note on my bed and I read it carefully, It claims that I can only use her for orders and nothing else at all. I smile at her and lie down on my bed, It's a single bed with a plain white duvet. The room has been newly refurbished as the walls still reek of paint. I look into a drawer and find some pyjamas, they are silk material buttoning up to my chest. I pull of my trousers from the reaping and shirt and then put on my pyjamas, carefully not wanting to make a single rip in the silk material. The avox imCmediately picks up my shirt and places it in a neat pile and places it in a drawer. I nod at her and she nods back at me, emotionless. I lay down on my bed facing up to the low ceiling thinking about the games... and Clove. I decide whether or not to have a shower, I probally reek, but that's the least of my worries at the moment. I pull the covers over me and tuck myself in like what my mother would do for me when I was younger. I grab hold of my pillow, then remember the avox girl.

"Erm. You can leave now." I say, the girl nods and walks out the door. I lie back down and sigh. I squeeze onto my pillow tightly and then fall into a deep sleep, that I never want to come out of. Clove is there, she always is. She's in the games and it's just me and her, left in the final 2, we stand there for a while just eyeing each other up until I can feel a knife being lodged into my chest, I look up and see Clove standing above me laughing at me. I try to scream "Why?" but I'm still there, lying down helplessly beside Clove. Waiting patiently for my cannon to sound and then it does. As I wake up I can still hear the faint sounds of her laughing. I tell myself it was just a bad dream, but it seemed far to real. I glare down to my chest to see if there is a wound though it was just the same as last night. I look over at my alarm clock and it reads the time 7:00 I slump back into my bed and lift the duvet cover up. I stand up and see the avox girl stand up beside me. I curse under my breath and ignore her, I put on my reaping clothes and the braclet my sister gave me. I clench it in my fist and place it on my wrist. It fits perfectly,though it would be merely impossible to try to take it off again. After putting on all of my clothes, I open my door and walk out of it. I see Clove over by the breakfast table. I try to ignore her, though it's impossible seeing as she has already seen me. She smiles at me and I fake smile back at her. Clove gets up from her seat and walks over to the door which is separating her from me. The door opens and Clove peeps her head through the door before opening it.

"Are you coming? Or are you just going to be miserable and stay there all day?" She giggles and I laugh and walk through the door, the door slams shut and then I walk over to the breakfast table. Brutus and Enobaria are sitting next to each other, discussing the games that will be starting in less than a few weeks. I sit down on a seat next to Clove and opposite Brutus. I hear some noises come from a television behind me, I turn to look behind me, It's a repeat of the reapings. There are a few highlights of last years games and then it goes onto the tributes. I see a tall blonde haired 17 - year - old girl walk up to the justice building. She is as beautiful as her name,

Glimmer the female from district 1.

Chapter 11 -Edit

I watch the blonde haired girl step up as her name is called. She doesn’t look paticulary happy, though she doesn’t look that upset either. As she walks up to the microphone, I become stunned by her looks. She must be around 16 or 17, maybe a bit older than me. I look over to Clove, she’s beautiful as well, though compared to the girl on the screen above me. She’s nothing. The girl walks like she is famous, talks like a movie star and looks like one. I see a male walk up onto the stage as he volunteers. He is completely opposite to Glimmer. He has short brown hair and skin that is slightly tanned. The young boys’ name is Marvel, It’s un usual though district 1 names always are. Then I see Cloves’ reaping. When she gets picked, her face turns pale her freckles seem to disappear and her lips have turned ice cold. She walks up the stage, expecting for someone to volunteer. Though, for probally the first time in history. No – one does. I wouldn’t be surprised if her dad paid everyone to not volunteer if she got picked ; It wouldn’t surprise me much. Then, the boy I volunteered for gets reaped. He rubs his hands as if he was waiting for these games for his whole life. Then, I volunteer his face drops and you can almost feel the anger that rages through him when he hears that he won’t be going into the games. Then, I stand on the stage next to Clove and Althea and there’s a zoom in on my face. I can see Clove watching it, she looks as if she’s about to cry, though I though she won’t want to cry in front of Brutus and Enobaria. The rest of the tributes are nothing special, there’s a young girl from 11 who looks to be around 12 years old, who is then followed by a dark skinned male, his name is Thresh and the girl is Rue. The male looks deadly and has muscles almost as big as mine. Then I see a girl from district 12, who volunteers for her younger sister. She looks around 16 maybe 17 at the most and looks fairly weak, though brave. She looks likes she could be a threat, seeing as no one ever volunteers in district 12. Then she is followed by a boy, his name seems to be Peeta and luckily he doesn’t look like much of a threat. Though, he looks strong enough to be an ally i suppose. Then the national anthem is played and Claudius Templesmith is chattering on about his favourite games and the 73rd Hunger Games that had happened last year. Enobaria grabs the TV remote and switches a red button.

“Makes me sick,”

She mutters under her breath. Brutus lets out a small laugh though all Enobaria does is roll her deadly eyes at him. I watch them fall into deep conversation, I turn my head over to Clove's who is still looking at the T.V. I smile at her, though she continues to stay emotionless. I smile again, still emotionless.

"Are you ok?"

I ask, Holding onto her warm hands. She ignores me and retreats her hands. I start to feel a thrush of rage, Why is she ignoring me? It annoys me so much, I'm very short tempered, though this time for Clove I won't be, I'll keep calm.

"I said are you ok?"

I say it with a bit of anger in my speech, though this time she doesn't even bother to look at me, Instead she looks the other way. That's it, she reached the limit. I might love her and she might be my best friend but she's ignoring me. No on ignores me.

"Damn It Clove! Talk to me!"

This time I shout it, I bang my fists on the table and Clove immadietly turns to my face. She looks scared, though at the same time, angry. At me. Enobaria and Brutus stare at me, jaws wide. We'd been so nice to each other, though since the reapings of the other tributes, we've tried to ignore each other in anyway possible. I stare at Clove, clenching my fists tightly underneath the table. I take deep breaths and do what my trainer said to do everytime I was angry. I'm short tempered, I have been for many years, I just hope I don't take it out on any of my friends, especially Clove.

"I'm sorry."

I whisper to Clove. She tries to smile, though I don't care, at least she's not ignoring me. She whispers back "I'm sorry." aswell. I sigh and smile and hug Clove. It feels a bit weird now, she's alot smaller than me and to be honest she feels like a little porclein doll. Fragile and special. Then, as if on cue to break our special moment. Althea bounces in and squeals with excitement.

"The train has arrived at the Capitol!"

Chapter 12 -Edit

I sigh and then sit up, I look over at the window and gasp at the sight. I thought district 2 was nice, but this. It's perfect, and then I see a swarm of brightly coloured maniacs stampede in a big herd to try and get to the front to see a glimpse of me and Clove. Some even tyr to get us to give autographs, though I refuse. Like I'm going to give them an autograph of a soon to be dead person. I laugh to myself, quietly under my breath so no one can here me. After several minutes of budging my way through a crowd, we reach the remake centre. I'm told to wear some sort of apron made from a soft material. I place it on myself then lie onto some sort of table. It's uncomfortable though I know, I'll be out soon. A pale faced man with long red eyelashes and bright yellow hair starts to pluck my eyebrows.Outrin, seems to be his name as thats what the pink haired woman named Shinia keeps on calling him. Then they start to wax my legs, it doesn't hurt much as I've had something similar been done to my legs before, though only on special occasions. They start to wash me with some sort of shower head until all the grubby dirt is out of my nails and all of the grime is out of my hair.

" Shia is ready for you." I nod, not quite knowing what to say. I get carried into a room where a young girl with golden hair stands. It's not the golden you'd expect, not a golden blonde, literally, it's been spray painted golden. Along with her skin, eyes, lips and she surprisingly wheres a gold dress with matching heels.

"Let me guess... You're going to dress me up in some gold tutu?" I laugh at my own joke and see the girl who appears to be called Shia laugh aswell. She smirks then goes into a wardrobe, she tells the wardrobe to pick out "District 2 - Male Chariot" and then in the blink of an eye a gold suit of armour appears. I rub my hands together and smile.

"That's more like it!" I beam with excitement, just like Althea when we arrived here. The outift is a cross between armour and -. No, It's just plain armour. It's gold ans shines as much as Shias' skin, It has a matching crown to go with it. I wonder what Clove will be wearing, possibly the same as me, after all that's what happens year after year. Shia grabs a bottle out of her pocket and hands it to me. I read it, It's labelled as "Gold Body Paint." I laugh and then put it down and nod. No way am I ever wearing that, this armour will suit me just fine. Carefully, Shia places the heavy armour over my body. I put on my trousers which are just plain gold linen, then Shia places on some gold metal plates to resemble our district. I walk around and look in the mirror, I smile. It shows off my muscles perfectly, hopefully I'll be able to make a good impression. Make the crowd like me, after all, a few sponsors couldn't hurt. As I walk outside the door I am greeted by the rest of the districts. Everyone looks the same as last years tributes, and the year before that, and the year before that. Then something catches my eye, the girl and the boy from 12. I try to remember their names, I know the boy is called Peeta, and the girl. Katniss, thats it. Their outfit is on fire, they are wearing black suits and their stylists have got matches, they are setting them on fire, after all, I suppose that has something to do with their district. I give the girl a dirty look as she looks over at me, I clench my wrists to show my muscles and show her that I am a threat to her. She quickly looks away and steps onto her chariot.

"You're going to be the stars of the show!" Shia beams whilst weirdly jumping up and down as if she was constipated. Clove nods, she looks perfect, her crown is perfectly sculptured to her head and for a moment, I see the 74th Hunger Games Victor. I respond to Shias' question just before she looks over to district 12.

"Yeah. I wouldn't count on that." I sigh and we all look over to district 12, we all cross our arms and even the stylists have to look away. And then, as I look at the girl once more I know.

I've found my target.

Chapter 13 -Edit

We walk onto our chariot. I am told to wave at the crowd and do nothing else but that. As the district 1 tributes leave we are straight after. I can here roars of excitement as we arrive, though after a few minutes the crowd goes wild, I realise it must be for the district 12 tributes on fire. Clove frowns, she is obviously hoping that the district 12 tributes get burnt to death, no. Not death, what fun would that be when we can't kill our enemy? We dare look back to the 2 tributes from 12, not as we don't want to but as there is no need, the tributes are there holding hands on screens all around us. Then, furious because of them I pull Clove towards me and give her a big, long kiss on the lips. She tries to pull away from her, but I refuse her to go, knowing all eyes will be on us now, Not those whiny little district 12 tributes. Then, to my surprise me and Clove are up on screen, The crowd have stopped throwing roses to 12, instead all the ones that are left are thrown to me and Clove. I catch one as a single red rose falls into my left hand and blow a kiss in the direction of the giver, I spot the person that threw it, as she faints. I smile then continue smiling and kissing Clove on the cheek.

"They love us!" Clove whispers, smiling as she waves to the roars of the crowd. I nod, and continue waving. Then our chariot comes to a halt, next to the other 11 chariots. President Snow, leader of our country Panem gives a speak. Its the same as every year, so I can't help but to give a yawn. The crowd laughs and so does Clove, President Snow doesn't know. He catches me whilst I do it, and then I pretend that Im tired, not being rude. Though the crowd continue to laugh, though as soon as Snow tells them to stop, a hush goes through the crowd. The chariot immadietly starts again, as the golden horses pulls us along to a room, which is where we will be living for the next few days. Shia and the prep team, along with Althea, Enobaria and Brutus bounce over to us. Squealing with joy and excitement.

"That was amazing! And that kiss...Was that your idea? It was fantastic. The crowd absolutely loved you!" A tall plump woman says in a high pitched voice that can't help but make me laugh. I nod and smile, still clinging onto Clove.

"Yeah, That was my idea." I smile with a glint in my eye. Enobaria, Brutus and the rest of them continue praising us whilst I look over to the other districts. I see Glimmer look my way, so I smile then give her a wink, she replies back with a giggle then imadietly continues to listen to her mentor. Then the girl from district 11, who looks as if she is connstipated every time she looks at me. And, then that ugly loser from 12. Whats the name, I said it before the Chariot - Katniss Neverclean, Yeah thats her name or should I say nickname, After all she does look like she spent the afternoon with pigs. She looks over to me, it looks like she smiles but I just frown at her and stare at her with my piercing eyes. She quickly laughs and looks away.

"Right. Well you're going to be staying on floor 2, because that's your district. That's easy enough to remember right?" Althea says whilst hobbling on in her heels, she goes over to the lift and presses down the number 2. We step inside the lift, and I have to admit, I've been in lifts before but this one it's breathtaking. Marble floors and glass windows and even some paintings on the walls. It's a big lift, and can fit all of us in, probally even all the tributes and their teams. The journey to our floor is around 10 seconds at the most, When we arrive the lift doors automatically open and reveal a whole new world. Me and Clove look at each other, we were fairly rich, but this its unthinkable. It's marvelous, the walls are probally made from crystals, the floors are marble aswell. There's a long red love seat, I run my hand across the leather. Maybe this isn't a bad place to die after all, I think. But then again, If I'm going to die. It won't be here.

Chapter 14 -Edit

Althea sits next to me and places her hands on the velvet and smiles at me.

"Well isn't it just fabulous here? Anyway dinner is served at 8 so you have a little time to freshen up. Ok?" Althea smiles. I nod and walk over to my room. I immadietly smile as I see it. The wallpaper is beautiful and looks as if it is set in the woods.The carpet feels like grass, well it's made to look like it. It has little felt daisies in it and even some felt insects. I laugh and run my hand across the floor and the walls. Gasping at the beautiful scenery around me. I walk over to another room, It seems to be the bathroom. I see a shower and I immadietly press all the buttons on it. Hot soapy water emits from the shower and then even a towel flings into my face. I laugh then decide to have a shower. I take off my clothes and notice another avox. I quickly fling the towel over me and she lets out a smile. She takes my clothes off of the toilet which is obviously where they landed when I threw them behind me. She nods and walks out with my clothes in a neat pile. I quickly lock the door behind her and close my eyes. That was embarrasing. Still, I walk into the shower being careful not to trip, I don't want an injury a few days before the games do I now? I press a button and some cold water flows out. I scream at the cold water flowing down my body and quickly touch the button again to turn it on. Finally, after numorous attempts I find out which is the hot water, which is the soap and which is the shampoo and shower gel. By the time I get out the shower my hair and body smells of numorous amounts of things including wild flowers, peaches, melon and even chocolate. I pull my towel over me and walk into some type of machine. My hair and body is dried instantly and Is combed through. In another machine, I press just a few buttons and I am dressed quicker than a human is capable of. I lie down on my bed and look up the celing which is actually one giant window. It takes me a while to figure out that it's not a window but instead some sort of thing which when you say something, It changes to whatever you want. District 2 is the first thing I say, then as I look up I can see my neighbour hood. My friends, it seems to be live as the people are moving. Suddenly an idea appears to me. I say my house number and name and it gives me a tour inside. My family is sitting at a table talking about how they are going to cope. Whilst my little sister, Perdere lies on the floor kicking and screaming for me. I quickly switch it off and change it back to the refelction of my room. That's better, I think. That's better. Just as I open the door Althea flings it open.

"Dinner!" She screams with a long hiss on the end of the word. I slump next to her then walk over to the table. I see Clove already sitting down and I wink at her, she smiles and I take a seat down next to her. Then I am showered with a huge variety of different foods. Purple melons, Red Lemons, Blue Meat and different brightly coloured licours. I look at one, I've never had alcohol before. Never in my life, well if you count New Year's Eve, when my mother and farther would aways give me a sip of theirs. But that wasn't very fancy, this stuff looks like it costs more than my family could afford. And, that's saying a lot, seeing as I'm one of the richest in my area. I take a sip of the green juice and I'm imadietly greeted with a burst of flavours. Lemonade, Apples, Melons, Pears... The taste is unbelievable! The rich bitter taste of it, now I can tell why people get drunk. I take a few more sips and even grab a new glass full of it.

"Careful. Too much and you'll be like 12's mentor. Whats-his-face." Brutus laughs.

"Haymitch!" Brutus says, banging the table proudly.

"Yeah! That's him. Flithy thing."Enobaria nods and smiles. She looks at me, so I smile as if I found it all funny. I decide they are righ after all. So, I put back the drink and give it to the avox to clean up. I decide just to have some orange juice. I see some steak on a plate in front of me and I imadietly grab a bit and place it on my plate along with some purple vegetables that somewhat look like tomatoes and carrots.

"Right well. First day of training tommorow. What are you good with?" Brutus smiles whilst almost choking on his blue meat which looks like some kind of barbecue rib.

"Cato can use a sword. Oh and a Spear. He's amazing." Clove smiles.

"Yeah well. Clove can use a knife. She never misses. It' true." I almost immadietly butt in as if it is some competition. Brutus tilts his head slightly over to Enobaria and she nods whilst raisining an eyebrow.

"You sure about that little girl?" Brutus laughs at Clove. But before he can take another bite Clove picks up a knife and throws it just above his head, It lands in the wall on a painting of some flowers.

"Not at the table please!" Althea shouts. Me and Clove laugh.

"Don't call me little girl." Clove smirks as she slumps down under the table. Brutus looks over his shoulder at the knife, that if Clove couldn't aim well, would have killed him in a split second, though he was lucky.

"Ok. You're good, I admit. So. Tommorow, show your strengths. Throw knifes, Do your little sword thing. Just impress everyone else. You are a threat ok? Have you got that? You have to- to. Intimidate the other districts. You are better than that. Ok?" Enobaria says almost in chorus with Brutus. Me and Clove nod in agreement.

Chapter 15-Edit

I excuse myself from the table whilst wiping my hands on the walls as I go by. Althea frowns at me, well at least tries too and I just wink at her. You can tell that she's muttering a curse under her breath by the way she looks at you with those ugly eyes. As I walk into my room I notice the girl avox again. I walk inside and see the time. It's fairly late, and I want my strength for the training tomorrow. I take off my clothes and pass them to the avox. I walk inside of the machine that changes your clothes, and instantly I am in some silk pjyamas. To be honest, It's a bit too warm for silk, Though I really don't feel like changing again. As I go into bed the avox comes over and tucks me in like I'm some kind of 5 - year - old kid that never really grew up. I look up to the celing, and can't hep but thinking of the images I saw of my family just a few hours ago. I shake my head to try and forget about it, But I never will. I close my eyes and before I know it I'm in a deep sleep I can't get out of. I'd probally be able to sleep for the whole day if it wasn't for that witch that wakes me up. Althea beams with excitement, Like always, and grabs me some clothes to wear. It's some special training outfit, jet black top and trousers with "2" Pinned on the back and shoulder of my shirt. When I walk out my door I see Clove standing next to Enobaria and Brutus talking.

"What are you talking about?" I snap at them. They smile.

"Well, Not much. Show your skills, intimdate the other districts. You know." Brutus snaps back. I nod in agreement and make my way over to the lift. I press a button and the doors fling open. I press a button and in a few seconds I arrive at the doors of the training centre. We've arrived about 20 minutes early and so we are one of the first districts to arrive. We stand in a semi circle around the trainer who seems to be known as Atala. She is tall, slender woman with dark skin and hair. She gives us a talk, no fighting with other tributes, the different stations. Whilst she gives this talk I take the time to peer over to the other tributes, some look stronger then others. Theres the boy from 11, who looks fairly strong and then someone like the boy from 4, who I could kill in less than a minute. As soon as the bell rings, I rush over to sword training with the other careers. I pick up a sword and clench it tightly in my grasp. I slide my hand across the blade, knowing the huge impact this blade could mean in someones life. I thrust it into a dummy stomach and chop off one of the dummies head. I do this for about 45 minutes until I get bored. By the end of the day I have already trained with all of the weapons for at least 1 hour each.

Chapter 16 -Edit

As the first day of training ends I make my way back to our floor with Clove. I press the button 2 and the doors fling open. As the doors are about to close they are stopped by some small muscular arms. I see a girl with long blonde hair pushing back the doors, Glimmer , must be, who else would it be?

"Mind If we join?" She asks, with a small smirk escaping from her lips. I notice a boy behind her, tall brown haired, I think his name is Marvel. He seems quite shy at first, and he is the least muscular out of all of us, even Clove who is at least a few years younger than him. I nod to Glimmer and she walks in. I wonder if to say anything or not, though there is little time for conversation in this few second travel. The door stops at 1. "Right. Well, this is our floor Honey. So," Glimmer laughs then twiddles her hair, "Hmm....I'll see you later yeah?" She says, looking into my eyes with only a few centimeteres of air between us. She quickly turns around and walks off, Marvel follows her as if she is the Queen and he is just a small little corgi. I laugh to myself and Clove rolld her eyes.

"Good Training?"

"Yeah, It was OK, not like back at home though, Hey?"

"No. Not at all, but then again, we weren't planning to kill one another in only a few days."

"Apart from that girl."

"Apart from that girl." Clove repeats. We turn around facing the walls awkwardly for a few seconds, I still won't forget that. The closest I've ever been to death probally, I still don't know why. Why was she trying to kill me? Oh who cares anway. I can ask her back in District 2 in a fortnight. As the lift comes to a halt I step outside with Clove, we walk down to our rooms trying to get away from our prep team, As I open the door I can hear footsteps, I turn around to see Shia standing in front of me. She points over to the lounging area and walk over to it and sit down next to Brutus who is casually lounging on the satin sofa. Clove comes over and finds a seat next to Enobaria.

"So guys, how was training?" Brutus turns to me smiling slightly whilst chewing on some sort of fruit.

"It was good I guess." Clove answers watching the T.V, It still shows the opening ceremonies highlights and now and again even some tribute statistics, those theese are only for the skilled tributes like the careers, I almost laugh when I see some of their so called skills. Almost 3/4 of the tributes don't know how to use a weapon...though they know how to befriend animals. I laugh as I watch the screen then turn up the volume even more when it comes to the girl from 12, Katniss. Bow And Arrow, Never used one of those before maybe I did when I was younger, though they obviously didn't use it for my preffered weapon. Then I remember, Glimmer used a bow as well, in the training, I bet there will be a big cat fight over that at the cornucopia.

"Dinner is ready!" Althea says. We all make our way over to the dinner table where our avoxes hand out dishes. I pile everything onto my plate, making sure not to leave anything behind, this food is a once in a lifetime treat you grab it whilst you can. By the time my plate is filled I only have a bit of half of the plates so I begin to pile it all onto another plate until I have two plates full of food in front of me.

"You better eat all of that!" Enobaria laughs. I laugh as well, scoffing the food into my mouth, the flavours burst in your mouth, orange - raspberry - lemon. So many flavours, most of which I've never had before in my life. By the time I am finished with my supper I have already cleared one plate and nibbled on my other and gone through 3 glasses of orange juice, 2 glasses of some sort of alcohol and 3 - types of chocolate deserts. I rub my tummy, I ate way to much today, well it's good to know when I go into the arena I'll be a big fat pig ready to be killed and eaten alive.

Ok, hopefully I won't be eaten...but after that freak guy Titus....well, You can never be sure really.

Chapter 17 -Edit

As I lay down in my bed I think of the days to come, what I will have to do to survive and keep not only me safe but Clove. The last day of training tomorrow, then we have the private training sessions and after that the interviews, I'm looking forward to the interviews out of all of them, though the others will be good I guess. Before I know it morning has come and the bright sun is shining onto my face, As I yawn I try to think back to yesterday night though it's all a blur. I walk out of bed and have a quick shower then get changed into my training gear; ready for the next day to begin. "Breakfast, Clove! Wake up." I hear Althea shout through a door, which must be Cloves'. I quickly finish getting dressed then walk out the door, I don't want to him her shouting again, I'd rather be deaf. I make my way over to the breakfast table when Brutus, Enobaria and Clove slowly join me and Althea. I'm thankful really, Althea isn't exactly one for making conversation.

"So, last day of training today. Nothing much I can say to you just that you should -" Brutus sniggers on the last words, "Try your best!" Brutus lets out his usual laugh then grabs a roll and walks out, holding onto his chest as he laughs as if he is in pain. Enobaria rolls her eyes and continues eating, I eat a few rolls and pancakes with some fruit salad and a glass of orange juice, I'm barely full but this will do me OK until lunch - time. As me and Clove make our way over to the lift, Althea comes to join us though luckily the door shuts just before she reaches us. We can hear a sigh and a curse muttered and Clove and I just laugh, just like we did when we were younger. We are the 3rd to arrive at the training centre today, beaten only by the other career districts.Throughout the day I manage to make it through swords, spears, climbing and even some knot tying. I manage a few others whilst the other tributes aren't watching like plant identification, but It was the only thing I failed at so I decided to give that a miss. As we make it back to the lift Katniss and Peeta come over.

"Can we join you?" Katniss asks with her arms folded.

"Nice try girl on fire, but we don't want you here. Peeta, you can come though." Clove smiles, she grabs Peeta and the door closes just before he tries to escape. Clove pins him against the walls like the way she would with the person she is just about to kill.

"So, You gonna join our alliance? Or are you gonna stick around with Miss Everdeen?" Clove sniggers, " I saw you with those weights, pretty good. Career standard. So, you join now, Or you risk your chance in the arena. Your choice, but I think you're wise enough to choose the right one now, huh?" Clove laughs then pushes him away as if he is a rag doll of some sort.

"Fine I'll join you then!" Peeta exclaims, somewhat with a tone of anger in his voice. Clove nods at me and I nod back in agreement, we arrive at floor 2.

"Well, this is our stop, so see you later then."

Peeta nods and rolls his eyes when Clove isn't looking, I'm just about to go back to punch him or something but the door closes.

Chapter 18 -Edit

As we go back into our new "homes" Brutus jumps out at us, crunching on a bright red apple. He continues chewing for several seconds, as if he is surveying us or maybe just to make moments awkward, which I suppose he is quite renowned for doing. "Training good?" Brutus asks, Clove nods then walks off to her room leaving me standing into the eyes of the tall 40 - year - old. I gulp quickly then point over to my room as if I need to be there for an urgent meeting or something. He nods and I quickly tip - toe over to my room, making sure not to make eye contact with Enobaria on my way past. I open the door to my bedroom and then quickly slam it shut when I hear a cry. Startled, I look around to find who it was though I find no-one, then I quickly realise it's Clove.

I rush up the stares to find Clove crying on her bed, I walk up to her and sit on the velvet bed next to her. "You OK?" I smile at her, she looks up at me rubbing the tears from her eyes. She gives me a look and replies, "What do you think?" She cries, I rub her back and she unexpectdly flings her arms round me I hug her back and kiss her on her forehead, I begin to twirl the strands of her hair in my fingers and twiddle them with my thumbs until all her hair has delicate strands of dark brown. I look down at my watch. "Well, It's dinner now so we better get ready, we don't want Althea on us now do we?" I laugh and get up from the bed, Clove rubs her eyes again and looks up to me and smiles, "Hopefully not." I clench her hand tightly and walk out the room, though as soon as we are out I let go of her hand and make my way to the dinner table, Althea, our prep team and Enobaria and Brutus don't shut up about training and the games, and deciding what to have for breakfast tomorrow morning, It sickens me really. "Well, Training sessions tomorrow, So Cato show your strength, sword fighting and Spear throwing and Clove well be sure to show your knife throwing skills, Attract their attention." Enobaria says to us both, Clove looks very intrested wheras I'm too focused on the green strawberries catching my eye. I pick one up and then nearly choke on it. "What is that crap!" I shout across the table as I spit it out, and an avox is just about to pick it up when she is startled by the sound of Althea, "You lot have no manners now do you? I'm leaving this table at this instant, until you learn some manners!" She hisses on the word manners and it makes a shiver go down the back of my spine. She leaves, thank god.

We finish dinner and then I make my way to my room and from what I know I had a good nights sleep, Breakfast seems to fly by and so I try to savour the moment whilst I can. I grab a glass of orange juice and quickly swallow it down, Brutus and Enobaria tell us about the Individual Training Sessions, We'll be going 3rd or 4th, I will be 4th as the female tribute always goes before the male and that we will be called out by district order, hence while I'll be 4th, being from District 2. Then we make our way to the elevator and by the time I know it I find myself waiting for my name to be called.

Chapter 19 -Edit

I hear Cloves' name being called. She stands up as soon as the voice calls out, I walk over to her, I'm just about to kiss her when I notice the 20 other tributes staring. I give her a secret wink that no - one can see then give her a pat on the back. As the door shuts behind her I sit back down, I can see some other tribute laughing a little, but I just ignore them, laugh all they like. But they'll be dead soon, so it doesn't matter. 10, 20, 30 minutes has passed, I try to think what Clove must have done to take so long to show the gamemakers. My name is being calle dthrough the speakers, I stand up and walk through the door as it slowly opens up for me. I walk through closing my eyes, I can smell a smell, Some sort of horrible odour. I open my eyes quickly to see little stains on walls, floors and dummies. I gasp at what Clove might have done, I have no idea, though it must have been pretty bad. The Gamemakers are sitting in front of me on a large foyer glaring down onto me. I look around at the weapons and different type of supplies towering above me.

Unfinished -