Rin-chan and Len ! me and Dai !

This is no complete work I am sorry ^~^ It is in 2 points of view, it might be confuse you!

Rin-chan POV Edit

At the end of this artificial paradise, deep, deep in the bottom of the earth... there is secret. I am fated to sing, to pray, to linger deep beneth, I am fated to sing this preyer for Eternity... all alone. Alone.

From the past which had no meaning, to the present of suffer and pain - not knowing which, I am forced to sing, to sing, to continuously sing this song for eternity, not knowing, not knowing, to keep singing, for eternity...

Not knowing for my whole life, I have been singing a song for the sun, and a song for the rain... not knowing, not knowing this song I have been singing. Yet warm hands are offer to me, yet none may reach me... none may reach me down here .

Sing forever! She cries in my ear, sing forever! I am fated to do so, not knowing this silent song of sun, reaching out to the furthest away.

At the distorted bottom of this twisted world, I sing still alone, sinking to the bottom of the pit full of tears, sobbing yet singing this song for my life, singing until the end.

Yet, I will fight !!

Len POVEdit

At the end of this desperate paradise, I seek the lost voice which is lost deep within the earth. I am fated to wander, wander this world forever, from street to street to search this further and further away...

In the shadow of closed history, I still wander yet seeking the voice long lost, seeking, wandering - fated to wander forever. In this shadow I yearn back for those lost days! These voices which yell in my depths of my mind, my heart is torn with this suffering.

My wish yet doesn't reach to the everlasting paradise, as it is distorted with voices and keep vanishing away! I wish to make sure the sound of your warmth with my hands, not hesitating to get hurt.

Yet, I will fight !!

I'll take the life of the roaring voice, let it write and sleep to the end of this world! And if I can not reach you, after this dissolving light, then I'll just finish off this artificial paradise... with my own hands!

Rin-chan POV Edit

Please sing...