So, I got this idea yesterday, to take a video game/movie/book/anything. And write a POV of a random character. SO, I did one of these, and it starts with Halo: Reach.

The stuff in parathensis is the name of the level it's based on.

Elite Pilot inside Seraph fighter (Long Night of Solace)Edit

My impulse drive goes off and I appear at the human control center. Charred remains of ruined ships float around. How primitive they are. I could burn them all with such little resistance.

Then I see some resistance. The unholy demons flying a squadron of small fighters. All of them fire heat-seeking missiles at once. Over the radio, the minor soldiers panic in fear.

"Calm yourselves brothers," I say, "Our shields shall protect us."

And protect us they do. The missiles all bounce harmlessly off our shields. "OPEN FIRE!" my squad mates say.

Streaks of plasma boil across space, begging for a target. When they impact the human's fighters, we learn that they two have shields. Not a problem. A few seconds of continuous fire bring one of the fighters down. But the others open fire on our ships. Their machine guns miraculously can destroy our shields rather quickly.

Then, once our shields are down, they fire the missiles, that fly straight and true, destroying one of our fighters. In a matter of minutes, I'm all that's left. Brothers, friends, squad mates. Dead. All of them. I must destroy as many of them as I can. But one fighter, one relentless fighter pursues me. The flying is the work of a demon. My shields begin to falter at his fire.

Then they break. I hear a small warning alarm, telling me there is a lock on my vehicle. He has me targeted. I release the controls and say the final battle prayer I've memorized. There is a flash. And then it's over.